World Down Syndrome Day!

The date tomorrow is 3/21… World Down Syndrome Day! This day is officially acknowledged by the United Nations as a day to celebrate, educate, and advocate for individuals with Down syndrome. This particular date was chosen because it signifies the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome that people with Down syndrome have. People celebrate in many ways all around the world.

One very common and easy way to celebrate is by wearing crazy, odd, or mismatched socks. When somebody asks you about your socks, you can share about Down syndrome.

One of the ways I have personally reacted to receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis for Ivy is that it has made me want to shout from the rooftops how awesome she and all people who are not ‘typical’ are. I want to make space for them in a world that so often does not. With WDSD coming up, I decided to get both the school district where I work/Zoe attends school, and our dance studio involved! At school, students and staff will all be rocking their socks tomorrow on World Down Syndrome Day. At the dance studio, they are selling fun socks as a fundraiser for Ruby’s Rainbow and students get to wear them in class all week!

Girls at the dance studio rocking their socks!

I wanted to include some education during this fun spirit day/week so I created an educational video to be shared in classrooms featuring a whole lot of Ivy, but also some of the other amazing kids that I have come to love over the past months.

Tomorrow, we will rock our socks, and Ivy is going to come to school with me! The love and support we have been given both by the Down syndrome community and our co-workers, friends, and family is overwhelming.

Are you looking for away to get involved? You can share this video to spread more love and awareness! You can also take the 321 Pledge by donating $21 (or any amount) to Ruby’s Rainbow which is an incredible organization that gives scholarships to young adults with Down syndrome to pursue post-secondary education. Check out the Ruby’s Rainbow website: and the 321 Pledge website:

You can specifically donate in Ivy’s name by going to this website:

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