About Me

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I am a 33 year old mother of three. My husband Sam and I are blessed with a six year old daughter named Zoe, a four year old son named Eli, and an eight month old daughter named Ivy. Ivy is blessed with an extra chromosome! I am also a full time teacher. Let me just say that being a full time working mom has turned me into a bit of a hot mess! I am also a Jesus loving lady. I find that these first years of motherhood have made me so much more dependent on the Lord, which I’m sure is exactly how He wants it!

Truth be told, I feel woefully under-qualified to have a blog. I have never been much of a writer and have not really considered writing to be a strength of mine. I have failed at ever keeping any kind of journal.  So why Lindsay, you ask, are you starting a blog?

In the winter of 2018 I was pregnant with twins, and we lost one when I was 12 weeks along. Navigating all of the emotions of grief while still being pregnant with our other little girl was difficult to say the least. I had a friend suggest that writing about it might be helpful. Miscarriage is awful and is a far too prevalent experience for women. I have so many friends who have endured the loss of a baby, yet very few people I have ever encountered have dealt with my exact situation. Perhaps I’m hoping that by writing about it, some mother who has lost one child while still carrying another might feel a little less alone. Then a few months into my blog journey, we received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for our newest addition, Ivy. Having her join our family has turned me into one heck of an advocate! I want everybody to know just how amazing it is to be blessed with a family member with Down syndrome!

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