Things I never want to forget…

I’ve been thinking that this should be a repeated post. Not sure how often, because clearly not the best at keeping up with things over here (though I’m trying!). There are so many things my kids do and say that I never want to forget, and by writing them down they will be memorialized!

In this week’s episode of things I never want to forget…

Ivy falling asleep in the middle of her rescue med breathing treatment because she could finally breathe more easily and relax. Her little hand wrapped around my finger. All her love and trust in one little gesture.

Zoe telling me that she is so excited for everybody to come watch her ‘show off’… by which she means the Christmas Program at church.

Eli watching Home Alone for the first time and at the end commenting “It’s like Kevin is everybody’s superhero!”

Ivy’s new habit of waving both arms up and down like she is trying to fly.

Eli’s response to this question…
Sam: “Eli who is your favorite character from Star Wars?”
Eli: “Yoyo!”
Sam: “Yoyo?”
Eli: “Yah. You know, the really cute green guy!”

Zoe climbing up on Santa’s lap and very confidently telling him she wants a chihuahua, a laptop, and world peace. (Good luck Santa)

So what about you? What do you never want to forget this week?

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